My PSD Collection

1st PSD :: Vampire Girl


Download (1.21 MB)

2nd PSD :: Midnight, Midday


Download (847.91 KB) >> password :: ask to @pink_sasphire

3rd PSD – Blue in the Misty Morning

Download (1.07 MB)

4th PSD – Autumn with Sehun

Download (2.11 MB)

5th PSD – Summer with 2Hyun (Boyfriend)

Download (2.48 MB)

6th PSD – Winter with Seohyun


Download (6.48 MB)

7th PSD – Spring with Park Min Young


Download (4.14 MB)

8th PSD – All Season


Download (5.60 MB) >> Protected. ask to pink_sasphire for get the password.

9th PSD – Janus

Download (1.95 MB)

10th PSD – Brownie with Chanyeol

Download (7.97 MB)

11th PSD – I Like Blue

i like blue by sasphire

Download here (PSD file, 2.74 MB)

12th PSD : Back In Time

Download (897 KB)

13th PSD : Maknae Twins

Download (1.41 MB)

14th PSD : Soft Romance

Download (1.13 MB)
(password protected)

15th PSD : Warm Green
Download (1.25 MB)

16th PSD : 1st PSD Pack (4)

Download (4.0 MB)
(Password Protected)

17th PSD : Hidden Black

Download (824,95 KB)

18th PSD : Hidden White

Download (1.71 MB)

19th PSD : Can You See My Blue?

Cover Can You See my Blue

Download (2.64 MB)

20th PSD : Where is The Pink?

Where is the Pink

Download (949.73 KB)

21st PSD : Look the Green

Cover Green

Download (1.02 MB)

22nd PSD : 2nd PSD Pack with Krystal Jung (6)

cover PSD Krystal

Download Here (5.66 MB)

23rd PSD : 3rd PSD Pack with EXO (12)


Download Here (13.57 MB)

24th PSD : Brown-ies


Download (1.51 MB)

25th PSD : Black and White

Black and White

Download (697 KB)

26th PSD : Dark Side

Dark Side

Download (3,9 MB)


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