Back to Blogging: Ten Themes to Inspire You Right Now

Gonna try all, except the premium one -_-“

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Carving out your very own corner on the web is important to you. You may be a brand-new user on — if so, welcome! — or a veteran blogger returning to an old habit. Recently on the Verge, Lockhart Steele, the editorial director of Vox Media, talked about getting back to blogging. On a noisy internet with many platforms, some are bringing their blogs back from the dead and reclaiming their personal turf.

But for me, the web ecosystem will always be bloggy at its core. I’m looking forward to being a part of it again myself.

— Lockhart Steele

No matter what type of blogger you are, these ten themes — ideal for personal blogging and writing — will inspire you: some are simple and understated, while others are bold and modern. Each theme works right out of the box, so you can start publishing right now.

Browse away!


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What Exactly Is Drabble?

What is Drabble?


By The Drabble

Poem? Story? Brain vomit? A snapshot? A representation of a thought, idea, feeling or emotion? An entry point for thought or feeling? Drabble can be all those things. Drabble is a form, not a formula. Just as a haiku or sonnet has rules, so too does drabble.

Words. 100 or fewer.

Drabble is a form that requires concision. But is it even possible to write a good story in fewer than 100 words? Yes, but it’s not easy.

Most modern narrative art adheres in some way to Shakespeare’s three-act structure (i.e., conflict, rising action/crisis, resolution;); whilst presenting a clear theme. Must all these elements be present to tell a good story?

Grant Faulkner, co-founder of the on-line lit mag 100 Word Story, thinks so. In his Brevity essay, “Writing with Gaps,” Faulkner says, “I think the best 100-word stories move with the escalation any story has…

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Themes for Longform Writers

Let me try

The Blog

Many of the themes in our Theme Showcase are great for writing and reading longer articles and stories, from our classic default themes — including Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Twelve — to popular personal blogging themes like Ryu and Manifest

Last week, we shared ten of our favorite longreads across WordPress, and we hope you’ve taken some time to sit back and savor these longer pieces. Below, we’ve gathered some themes that work well with longform writing and offer a clean, enjoyable experience for your readers.


On Otium, Yale PhD student Sarah Constantin writes about mathematics, cognitive science, philosophy, and more. Aside from a colorful graphic header image, Sarah keeps her blog simple. You can click on the button on the left to open the menu and access her About page, but the site is minimal, which keeps the focus on her prose.

On Syntax, you’ll…

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Five Themes for Writers and Readers

Gonna try these next time~

The Blog

In the past, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite themes for longform enthusiasts and bloggers who just want to write. Today, let’s take a look at five free themes, launched in the past several months, that offer a distraction-free writing and reading experience.


radcliffe readabilityRadcliffe combines bold typography with a clutter-free post layout, as shown above. Ideal for longform writing, the theme works blissfully out of the box for those focused on lots of text. The default headline font Abril Fatface is strong but not overbearing, while the Crimson font for your body text completes this pleasurable reading experience.

Calling out text in various ways also looks fantastic — for example, the blockquote styling is simple but sophisticated:

Radcliffe blockquote

But don’t be fooled by Radcliffe‘s simple design. Your photography has a place here, too: full-width featured images give your posts visual flair, while galleries also look lovely, as seen on Sage and…

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GFRIEND – Rough (시간을 달려서)

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

I can’t approach you so I’m lost
I like you but we’re looking at different places
The more I try to get closer
The farther apart our hearts get

I can’t meet you so I’m lingering
Just like parallel lines
I can’t believe it, we will meet for sure
I’ll wait until always

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Ladies Code – I’ll Smile Even If It Hurts (아파도 웃을래)

Well… i can’t say anything

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

I still can’t believe it
It feels like I could still see you
I tell myself that it’s a lie
The fact that you left my side

Your face that’s smiling in the photo
The past days that seemed would last forever
But one day, you suddenly me

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[Oneshot] Bima di Sabtu Malam

yang orific yang orific….



“Karena definisi bahagia itu berbeda bagi setiap insan…”

Sasphire, 2015

Kamu merenung diri setiap Sabtu malam, di beranda rumahmu. Lampu teras sengaja kamu matikan. Biar cahaya bintang terlihat terang, katamu. Polusi cahaya membuat kamu begah, kangen dengan cahaya bintang yang saat kamu kecil selalu menemanimu menguap karena kantuk. Sekarang kamu tujuh belas tahun—oh, dua hari lagi delapan belas tahun ‘kan?—tapi masih keranjingan dengan cahaya bintang. Mengherankan bagiku, karena kamu laki-laki.

“Kangen ibu.” Kamu mengatakannya tepat setelah aku duduk di sampingmu. Sepertinya kamu mencegahku mengomel lagi karena keegoisanmu untuk membiarkan seisi rumah gelap gulita.

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Ken (VIXX) & Hani (EXID) – Gap (빈틈)

Sweetest and Cutest Song 2015 :”)

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

Out of the many people
Regardless of my heart
Strangely, you keep irritating me
I don’t like how you and my close friends
Keep contacting each other

I have strange thoughts
Out of the many people
What if only us two were left
I used to always viewed our relationship as friends
Now I just see a gap

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