NU’EST – A Scene Without You (나와 같은 차를 마시고)

okey… sebenernya aku gak suka cowok cengeng… masalahnya lagunya enak… yah nikmati aja lah ya…

the best ballad Song that Nu’est ever had… i think 🙂

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

Please don’t leave, this isn’t right
I tried holding onto your heart that already left
Who are you to make me struggle this much?
I really don’t know

Baby wanna girl

For the past few days, I’ve been circling the same place
Waiting for you, who’ll never come
Because of this stupid love, because of these stupid feelings
I can’t forget you

You drank the same tea with me, had the same ring on as me
You used to kiss me but that’s all gone now
Every night, I spend drinking, crying because of you
Only my pathetic self has remained

Lihat pos aslinya 300 kata lagi


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